Data Driven Decission Making

Abelusi is thrives on proving data driven support

Market linkage

Facilitating interactions between farmers and the mainstream value chain

Multi tenant record keeping system

Allows for credible validation of inputs by our experts

Our Features


As a farmer you have a role that will allow you to management and sell livestock on the platform. The below features are tailored to better assist you in your daily needs

  • Manage livestock, you can capture animal information with all necessary detail.
  • Manage offspring, you can store animal child information with all necessary details.
  • Monitor livestock system helps you manage livestock vaccination, on a daily or monthly routine, and oversee animal pregnancy cycles.
  • Purchase inputs from our ecosystem of suppliers.
  • Have your data animals screend and approved by a pool of specialists
  • Manage expenses and human resources
  • Have access to readyly available demand for your products in market
  • Powerful dashboard that helps to monitor full system


As a supplier you have an oppurtunity to showcase and offer your products to a pool of farmers on our platform. The below features are tailored to better assist your operational needs

  • Upload and manage products
  • Powerful dashboard that helps you monitor farmer orders
  • Direct communiucation with 3rd party vendors to ensure your products get delivered to clients in the right quality, quantity and time


As a buyer, you will have the ability to explore our market place of validated livestock

  • View, access and purchase on our intuitive livestock auction market place
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