About Us

Why we do it

Smallholder farmers remain excluded in the modern agricultural value chains and contribute the least to the overall agricultural production. Some of the main challenges that are a result of this includes the following;

  • Farmer misalignment to retail standards
  • Limited credit & insurance access
  • Several unregistered farmers
  • The lack of traceability of agricultural activities
  • Emerging farmer exposure to and impact to vulnerabilities (Disease, climate change)
  • Limited visibility of standardardized pricing across the smallscale agricultural industry
Abelusi is a tool that seeks to improve livelihoods, food security and overall agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers. We provide a platform that facilitates interactions between emerging farmers and the market by offering a real time, data-driven management tool that will ensure traceability and increased market-related revenue for farmers.
Having a comunity based platform means that we need to provide community centred designs, putting our users at the centre of the work we do.
Our ecosystem consists of farmers, impactful NGO's and reputable suppliers across the glob.
We are looking for strategic partnerships and investments to help us integrate emerging farmers into the mainstream agricultural value chain as a strategy to alleviate the social, economic and institutional constraints faced by smallholder livestock farmers.

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